JUNO – Zuma

Pearl (Njaa/Stenerud) · The Tram (Stenerud/Intro theme by Njaa) · Retro (Njaa/Stenerud) · Traces Lost (Njaa/Stenerud) · The Winter of Your Heart (Njaa/Stenerud) · High on the Outside (Stenerud) · Tie You Down (Stenerud) · Saturday Night Againmore… (Stenerud) · Through the Blue (Stenerud/Intro theme by Njaa) · Juno (Njaa/Stenerud)

Alexander Stenerud: vocals, guitars, keyboards · Henrik Njaa: keyboards, programming · Frode Berntsen: wah-wah guitar (High on the Outside, Retro) · Bjørn Charles Dreyer: guitars (Pearl) · Erland Dahlen: drums, percussion · Tore Teigland: drums (Pearls) · Kjetil Dallan: bass guitar · Vemund Stavnes: bass guitar (Through the Blue) · Lise Sørensen: violin · Lina Årnes: violin · Ida Bryn: viola · Elen Lura Haakensen: cello · Øystein Imsen: violin (Juno, Traces Lost) · Tormod Tvete Vik: violin (Juno, Traces List) · Bendik Foss: viola (Juno, Traces Lost) · Mihai Fagarasan: cello (Juno, Traces Lost) · Ingrid Skretting: backing vocals · Torine Brunton: backing vocals · Christian Wezterberg: Decks, FX

A solid piece of pop music with unmistakable nods to the synth pop of the 1980s.

Genre: pop

The pop act Zuma´s hugely successful debut album

«Juno» hit it big in the mainstream when it first was released in 2001 by the pop act Zuma. Alexander Stenerud and Henrik Njaa, who since their founding in 1995 had built a prominent fanbase, made great waves in the Norwegian pop musical world with several of the album´s songs, especially the radio hits «The Tram» and «Pearl». «Juno» is undoubtedly a solid piece of pop music with its intriguing harmonies and catchy hooks, wrapped in a carefully planned production, with definite nods to both drum ´n´ bass and house, as well as Pet Shop Boys and synthpop of the 1980s. The result was an immediate success, clearly reflected in the high sales numbers – «Juno» was the most sold Norwegian debut album of 2001! – and the Spellemann-nomination for the year 2001.

Alexander Stenerud |Henrik Njaa |Jan-Tore Diesen |Zuma

Release date: 16.04.2001

EAN : 7033662060030

Cat.No.: SNCD6003

Priskategori : CD