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Zvezdochka in Orbit – Norwegian Navy Band Bergen

JON ØIVIND NESS: Zvezdochka in Orbit · FRIEDRICH GULDA: Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra · JAQUES IBERT: Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra · OLAV ANTON THOMMESSEN: The Phantom of Light – A Miniature Concerto for Cello and 2 Woodwindmore… Quintets

Ernst Simon Glaser, cello · Norwegian Navy Band Bergen · Peter Szilvay, conductor

The Gulda cello concerto receives its best recording ever here, with a soloist who knows how to have a good time.

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The Gulda cello concerto in a new fantastic recording

The Gulda cello concerto receives its best recording ever here, with a soloist who knows how to have a good time. Exciting music full of contrasts and surprises occur in the original encounter between Glaser and his trusted Ruggeri cello and a full set Navy band. The album consists of works written for the original composition of a cello and wind orchestra. The works are written by the four composers Friedrich Gulda, Jacques Ibert, Jon Øivind Ness and Olav Anton Thommessen (the latter two Norwegian). As a whole, these composers and their works, makes for a wonderful blend of varied repertoire presenting what a gifted cellist can do together with a brass band. The title of the disc refers to the last of the Soviet dogs that was sent into orbit around Earth. This release is full of goodies with virtuosic celloplaying, French elegance and a Gulda’s over the top concerto.


Cellist Ernst Simon Glaser excels in both elegance and groove as he pushes the envelope of contemporary music on his new release. Glaser has brought his powerful Ruggeri cello and invited NNB with its new principal conductor Peter Szilvay to do solo concertos – with electric bass and drums in the backing …

Friedrich Gulda’s wild cello concerto

Gulda was known as a virtuoso pianist and a remarkable performer, famous of course for his collaborations with Chick Corea and a host of Djs. His cello concerto was written in 1980, and in total disregard of the ‘principles of good taste’, Gulda does what he wants to in his music. The ouverture is a rock song, the finale resembles a virtuosic Sousa march (with a little touch of jazz in the middle) – a superb ending to a virtuosic and highly enjoyable work.

In orbit

The title track on the release ‘Zvezdochka in Orbit’ is commisioned by Ernst Simon Glaser, and premiered by him in 2009 with NNB/Szilvay. The title refers to the last of the dogs that the Soviet Union sent into orbit, only a few weeks before Gagarin became the first man in space. In the beginning the floating cello voice sounds foreign and lamenting, always in glissando, like the moaning of a little dog out in space. Or, if you like, as a troubled human conscience that feels infinitely small in the universe, struggling to gain more knowledge.

Norwegian phantom and French silver screen

Thommessen’s ‘The Phantom of Light’ is a miniature concerto for cello and two woodwind quintets where the composer allows the soloist to explore the whole cello register – developing into a hunt for a light that can never quite be captured. Ibert’s concerto from 1925 reminds us of his skill at portraying character perhaps due to his experience as an accompanist of the silent films. In fact Ibert also wrote some 40 film scores. In this concerto Ibert exploits the textural differences between soloist and orchestra in full, sometimes giving the cello more of an accompanying role to the woodwinds.

Release date: 16.03.2012

EAN : 7044581350638

Cat.No.: ACD5063

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