Trond Kverno: St. Matthew Passion (2CD) – Oslo Cathedral Choir

TROND KVERNO: St. Matthewmore… Passion

Marianne Hirsti, soprano · Marianne E. Andersen, alto · Robin Blaze, conter tenor · Joseph Cornwell, tenor · Daniel Norman, tenor · Ian Partridge, tenor · Collin Campbell, baritone · Adrian Peacock, bass · Njål Sparboe, bass · Oslo Cathedral Choir · Terje Kvam, conductor

The daring and expressive power of Trond Kverno´s compositional approach seeps through his "St. Matthew Passion", one of the most demanding, expressive and comprehensive works in recent Norwegian church music.

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The Romanesque Crucifix

With a musical language influenced by Norwegian religious folk songs, and particularly by “Draumkvedet”, Trond Kverno´s “St. Matthew Passion” is a rarity in recent Norwegian church music. Brightly shining major chords juxtaposed in late-Renaissance style, sharp dissonances, the mildest of which involve the simultaneous use of major and minor keys, choral speaking, and a series of techniques from modernist choral literature based on the work of Nystedt and Hovland. The result is the most demanding, expressive and comprehensive work in recent Norwegian church music.

Trond Kverno´s opus list conists largely of church music, organ music and, above all, vocal works, from individual songs and arrangements of folk tunes to prayers for the canonical hours and masses. The musical development towards the style of the “St. Matthew Passion” is a radical one for Kverno, although it has taken several years. His daring and expressive power that are so strongly present in his compositional approach to the biblical texts, is particularly noticeable for the listener, and recitation, as employed by monks in the Gregorian chants of the Middle Ages, is an important technique, with melodic lines marked by modernism and forced out in extreme pitches and intervals.

Kverno has been a considerable contributor to Norwergian church music. In 1972, Kverno won the Norwegian competition for new liturgical music and his “Kyrie” is now the first in the general series, i.e. the most frequently used in the country. He has written 23 of the tunes in the Norwegian Hymn Book of 1985, and several of his contributions to the last part of the hymn book, which contains canons and psalms, are from his masses and prayers for the canonical hours.

Arild Erikstad |Ian Partridge |Marianne E. Andersen |Marianne Hirsti |Njål Sparbo |Oslo Cathedral Choir |Terje Kvam |Trond Kverno

Release date: 05.12.1996

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