Tightrope Walker – Sigyn Fossnes

DAG EGIL NJAA: Morphogenesis · HENRIK HELLSTENIUS: Book of Songs · JON ØIVIND NESS: Dead Kitten in the Trash · MARK ADDERLEY: Tightrope Walker · OLE-HENRIK MOE: Eraser's Edge · SVEN LYDER KAHRS: Da lontano cosimore… vicino

Sigyn Fossnes, violin · Einar Henning Smebye, piano

Sigyn Fossnes´ strong and liberating performances makes for a release beyond worth an investigation.

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A dedicated and engaging debut

With one exception all the works on this recording has been written for or premiered by Sigyn Fossnes, who has been particularly involved in moderen violin techniques and micro tonality. And the options are legio on this instrument, listen for instance to Eraser’s Edge, a hypnotic duo between the a muted violin and a pulsating groove performed on three low strings on the piano (muted with an eraser). Or the beautiful and melancholy Dead Kitten in the Trash depicting the sad end of a little kitten in urban surroundings. Electronics are of course also an important part of the modern entourage of the violin. In Morphogenesis links between the romantic violin virtuoso idiom – the performer enthralling his audience – and the electric guitar hero of our day are made audible. Distortion and volume control set to 11, naturally.

This recording was nominated to the Norwegian Grammy 2005, another acknowledgment of the artistic integrity of Sigyn Fossnes. For quite a number of years Sigyn Fossnes has been occupied with renewing the modern violin repertoire. By focusing on the sound of the instrument as well as the aesthetic aspects of performing, and not least through a transformation of these elements, a number of works have been written for her in which vitality and an expanded understanding of sonority and theatric elements are fused into something new. In addition to her collaboration with various Norwegian composers, special mention must be made of her comprehensive studies of Giacinto Scelsi’s music. Fossnes performed the Norwegian premiere of his violin concerto Anahit, following studies with Devy Erlih, who had given the first performance of the concerto in 1966. In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Scelsi’s birth, Fossnes performed his duo Arc-en-ciel in Rome in 2005.

Dag Egil Njaa |Einar Henning Smebye |Henrik Hellstenius |Jon Øivind Ness |Jørn Pedersen |Mark Adderley |Ole Henrik Moe |Sigyn Fossnes |Sven Lyder Kahrs

Release date: 24.10.2005

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Cat.No.: ACD5036

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