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Antonio Bibalo. – Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

ANTONIO BIBALO: Sinfonia Notturna · Sonatina 2A - Astrale for Wind Quintet · Autunnale (Concert Suite for 4more… instruments)

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra · Karsten Andersen, conductor · Per Øien, flute · Erik Niord Larsen, oboe · Erik Andersen, clarinet · Torleiv Nedberg, bassoon · Odd Ulleberg, french horn · Per Erik Thorsen, vibraphone · Kjell Bækkelund, piano Henrik Lindeman, double bass Bergen Wind Quintet

Bibalo has positioned himself as one of the best composers in Norway, and his instrumental music demonstrates his capacity to be inspired by stylistic schools without being tied down by them.

Sinfonia Notturna, Wind Quintet and Autunnale

Sinfonia Notturna
The composer comments on the work as follows:
“Here I present the night the way it appears to me, the way I feel it, as an important source of inspiration. For many years I have been a passionate amateur astronomer, and have accordingly had many possibilities of spiritual contact with the night. Indeed, I have been quite immersed in it. It is a privilege to let oneself be drawn in by the light of the stars. This is not a possibility given to everybody in our time. For the chasm is great from thoughtful contemplation of the most distant stars to the darkness of misery that envelops millions of our brothers; from peace that comes with the night to the noisy, restless night life in the big cities; from the inevitable end that awaits us all to ‘eternal’ night”.

Sonatina 2A, Astrale was a commission for the Norwegian Wind Quintet. The commission only included one work, but Bibalo was so stimulated by the possibilities inherent in the wind quintet that he composed two. They are markedly different both in style and expression. As an avid amateur astronomer the composer found inspiration for this sonatina in the universe and the stars.

The title of the work Autunnale was chosen for two simple reasons: it was composed in the autumn, and the music reflects something of the melancholy of autumn. Each movement in this suite has its own form and title:
1. Night Music (Prelude) —“The music leads me into the dark autumn night. How closely it resembles Japanese music, dark and enigmatic.”
2. Pas de deux for Insects (Scherzo) —“The magic effect of this piece can transform any human being into a true visionary.”
3. Melancolique (Elegy) —“In a wordless dialogue I can hear the original form of the Japanese Nô music, with its profundity and characteristically slow tempo.”
4. On the Green Hills of Congo (Invenzione-Passacaglia) —“Here I realize a new form of beauty: The resurrection of true humanity.”
5. Introduction and Toccata (Etude-Finale) —“We can hear the words of love as they are exchanged between the gods and the goddesses, the snow and the wind, light and darkness, heaven and earth.”

Antonio Bibalo |Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra |Bergen Wind Quintet |Erik Niord Larsen |Henrik Lindeman |Karsten Andersen |Kjell Bækkelund |Odd Ulleberg |Per Erik Thorsen |Per Øien |Torleiv Nedberg

Release date: 26.08.1988

EAN : 7041880249434

Cat.No.: NCDB4943

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