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Sivertsen/Solås/Åm – Trondheim Symphony Orchestra


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra · Ole Kristian Ruud, conductor

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ole Kristian Ruud and three extraordinary Norwegian composers.

Orchestral works from three Norwegian composers

Kenneth Sivertsen
The second version of On the High Seas is an arrangement for string orchestra and tenor saxophone of the original version for string quartet and tenor saxophone which Sivertsen wrote in 1983. The work is dedicated to Magnar Åm, whom the composer considers to be one of his sources of inspiration. On the High Seas was used for one of a series of three television programmes produced by NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, in which images were chosen to illustrate Sivertsen´s music. The music was not written to accompany the visual material; it was composed in advance of and independently of the pictorial element, which is secondary in relation to the music. The suitability of the music for such treatment lies in the composer´s mode of expression, which is also reflected by the title.

Eyvind Solås
The Eyes of the Forest, a lyrical suite for strings, written in 1977, was commissioned for and first performed by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. Though this composition was conceived as an independent work, Solås´s background as a composer of theatre and film music has had its effect on the structure, the work being divided into condensed tableaux. And in fact the choreographer Henny Mürer has since used this work as ballet music.

Magnar Åm
Zero is a composition which exists in three versions. The first was written in 1979, and is for choir, soprano, organ, congregation and chamber orchestra. Later Åm arranged a version for choir, soprano and organ, and the version for choir, soprano and orchestra heard on this recording. Åm wrote the text, too, his source of inspiration being the Holy Trinity. His aim was to use as few words as possible capture what he wanted to express, and the Trinity is portrayed in short, clean-cut lines.

Release date: 01.01.1990

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