Lasse Thoresen: Chases, Cattle Calls and Charts – BIT20 Ensemble

LASSE THORESEN: Løp, lokk og linjar (Chases, Cattle Calls andmore… Charts)

Berit Opheim, voice · BIT20 Ensemble · Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor

– The overall impression of this disc is of carefully considered and profoundly felt creativity. […] always an attractive sense of fun an intellectual playfulness running just below the surface. [MusicWeb / Dominy Clements]

– It has harmonic clarity with ground bass and minor thirds never far away, and Mozartian humanity combining buffo humour with darker emotions. [The Huddersfield Daily Examiner]

kr 139

Callings and stomping

Lasse Thoresen touches something in his music that resounds with listeners all over the world. In Chases, Cattle Calls and Charts he lets mood and structures from Norwegian folk music and nature shape the music. Already the work has won the Edvard Prize and led to Thoresen being appointed Artist in Residence with the Présences festival in Paris. And here is the album!

“In Løp, lokk og linjar – (“Chases, Cattle Calls and Charts”) three spheres of sound come together: contemporary music, folk music, and animal sounds – first and foremost birdsong. The composing process has been thought-provoking; the folk music I have used was created in an environment where there was no emphasis on notation or verbal theory. The music simply existed in aural perception and physical gestures, without the eye having to focus upon a written score. This music came into being at a time when people communicated with animals, and at a time when both animals and humans depended on each other for survival.”

Arild Erikstad |BIT20 Ensemble |Lasse Thoresen

Release date: 14.05.2005

EAN : 7044581350423

Cat.No.: ACD5042

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