Jøran Rudi: Routine Mapping – Jøran Rudi

Jøran Rudi: When Timbre Comes Apart · Concrete Net · Planetmore… (Terra)

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Genre: Electronic

DVD Video electronic music

The story narrative is very central to Rudi as a composer, and he develops his music so that, in addition to wonder and recognition, it should also stimulate boredom with the listener. This kind of balance, between art and popular expression, between fascination and aesthetic provocation, is important to Rudi’s work in the new media.

Following early influences rooted in popular music, Rudi received his musical education at New York University, and has worked with electro-acoustic and computer music for the last twenty years. The wish to introduce art music into arenas made accessible by new media forms has been a driving force in Rudi’s work, and his compositions often draw on structural as well as acoustic ideas that lie outside of those areas commonly associated with music.

Jøran Rudi is the former director of the Norwegian network for Technology, Acoustics and Music. NoTAM is part of an international network with focus on computer music, making music and software developed by NoTAM available to users all over the world.

Release date: 17.01.2002

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