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The World For Christmas – The Real Group

ALICE TEGNÉR: Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand, ANDERS EDENROTH: The World For Christmas · Julen Är Här · Fina Paket, EMMY KÖHLER: Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus, FRANZ GRUBER: Silent Night, JOAN JAVITS: Santa Baby, JONI MITCHELL: River, LEIF GÖRASmore…: Julfemman, LEROY ANDERSSON: Sleigh Ride MEL TORMÉ: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting), SAMMY CAHN: Let It Snow, TRAD. : Dräng-Stalle

The Real Group (Emma Nilsdotter · Katarina Henryson · Anders Edenroth · Morten Vinther · Anders Jalkéus)

New album from one of the world´s best a cappella groups.

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Christmas with The Real Group

Every year, Christmas is new. This year Grappa are proud to present the completely new Christmas album from The Real Group: The World For Christmas. The repertoire is divided into two parts: one more calm and serene, the other more fast and lively. However, many of the tracks contain elements from both these worlds, such as Mel Tormé´s "The Christmas Song" and the charming "Santa Baby". Staffan Stalledräng speeds up the pace, while Joni Mitchell’s legendary "River" tells of the stark contrast between the idyllic time of Christmas and feeling melancholy on the inside. New tour. New music. A longing feeling for the joy and warmth that is so special for Christmas. Add tradition. That is how this Christmas album came about.


The World For Christmas is the first Christmas album from the a cappella ensemble The Real Group since their release Julen er her (Christmas is here) in Norway in 2003.

The Real Group

The Real Group is today one of the world´s leading vocal groups. They have been around for 28 years, and have for a long time been established and respected all over the world. Not only for their ability to create varied, playful and innovative vocal arrangements, but also for their warm, intelligent, and original material. This year´s Christmas tour begins in November, stretching from the Northern countries to Austria and South Korea.

The Christmas Tour

29 nov Jönköping, Spira
01 dec Karlstad, Scala teatern
03 dec Oslo, Konserthus
04 dec Stockholm, Cirkus
05 dec Stockholm, Cirkus
08 dec Korea
09 dec Korea
10 dec Korea
11 dec Korea
12 dec Gävle, Konserthuset
13 dec Örebro, Konserthuset
14 dec Östersund, OSD
16 dec Helsingfors, Finlandia
17 dec Köpenhamn, Christian Kirke
19 dec Växjö, Konserthuset
21 dec Göteborg, Konserthuset

Alice Tegnér |Anders Edenroth |Emmy Köhler |Franz Gruber |Joan Javits |Joni Mitchell |Leif Göras |Leroy Andersson |Mel Tormé |Sammy Cahn |The Real Group |Trad.

Release date: 16.11.2012

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