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A. LINNET, ANDERS EDENROTH, S. SALOMONSEN: Love's forever, love's for you, for me, for now · ANDERS EDENROTH: Pass me the jazz · A life for me · Gee! Mine or Mozart's? · Words ·
E HOMEM-CHRISTO, THOMAS BANGALTER: Harder better faster stronger · KATARINA HENRYSON: Hellosong · L. GÖRAS: Julfemman · MICHAEL JACKSON: Bad · MORTEN VINTHER: Lucky Luke · Catching the big fish · N. HEFTI: Count Basie medley · PEDER KARLSSON: Gøta · Mister father

The Real Group: Emma Nilsdotter · Katarina Henryson · Anders Edenroth · Morten Vinther · Anders Jalkéus

"We hope that this album delivers the joy and the feeling we experience when we meet our audiences the world over " – The Real Group 2013

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Genre: A cappellapop

Dedicated to their audience , The Real Group are now releasing the album "Live in Japan"

The Real Group has taken Japan by storm . Their unique A Capella -sound has gotten the Japanese to go completely in spin, which was proven when the group, during a magical week, had sold out houses every night.
These concerts were held in April 2013 , and the best of these concerts have now become the album "Live in Japan ".

Some of the songs on this album has been on the repertoire for several years , but have never been recorded with the group’s currently members . On this album you get many of The Real Group’s classics , mixed with new tracks ; a wonderful arrangment of Michael Jackson’s " Bad ", Nat King Cole’s " Nature Boy " and Daft Punk’s " Harder Better Faster Stronger ," to name some . The voices and the interaction is unique and The Real Group delivers again – as always.

A. Linnet |Anders Edenroth |Eden Ahbez |Edwin Birdsong |Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo |Kaichiro Kitamura |Katarina Henryson |L. Göras |Michael Jackson |Morten Vinther |N. Hefti |Peder Karlsson |S. Salomonsen |The Real Group |Thomas Bangalter

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