The Silver Cord – Oslo String Quartet

MAGNAR ÅM: Sølvtråden (The Silver Chord) · RAGNAR SÖDERLIND: Quartetto No. 2 · LASSE THORESENmore…: Aion

Oslo String Quartet: Geir Inge Lotsberg, violin · Per Kristian Skalstad, violin · Are Sandbakken, viola · Øystein Sonstad, cello

Three Norwegian string quartets

The Silver Cord contain some of the foremost quartet writing done by Norwegian composers over the last years. Åm, Söderlind and Thoresen are very different in temperament and style, but they have a common tread in that they write well for strings – within the tonal tradition. The three pieces on this album have an ‘erruptive emotional quality’, it really grabs hold of the listener.

Oslo String Quartet was established in 1991. Throughout the quartet has been interested in Norwegian contemporary music, making them a strong inspiration and resource to Norwegian composers. The quartet has commisioned and premiered the three works on this release, in a close collaboration with with the composers.

Release date: 14.11.2002

EAN : 7044581350287

Cat.No.: ACD5028

Priskategori : CD