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  • Rolf Wallin

Rolf Wallin: Boyl – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

ROLF WALLIN: Ground for Cello and String Orchestra · Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra · Concerto for Timpani andmore… Orchestra

Øystein Birkeland, cello · Terje Tønnesen, conductor · Christian Eggen, conductor · Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Norwegian Chamber Orchestra · Rolf Gupta, conductor · Leif Arne Tangen Pedersen, clarinet · Oslo Sinfonietta

– a Mahler-like "Nachruf",

kr 139

Wallin and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

While Ground brings us a Mahler-like "Nachruf", Boyl brings us a kind of object-oriented version of the same thing – the composition is stricter and the disposition more orderly. Perhaps an ode to how existence, which sometimes bears brutally down upon us, also can offer moments of great
beauty with its unlimited capacity for renewal through what may seem to be coincidence.

Release date: 30.09.1999

EAN : 7044581350119

Cat.No.: ACD5011

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