Popofoni – Arne Nordheim

Gunnar Sønstevold: Arnold · Arne Nordheim: Morgenraga · Solar Plexus · Alfred Janson: Valse Triste · Kåre Kolberg: Blow up your dreams · Terje Rypdalmore…: Episode

Jan Garbarek: tenorsax · Bobo Stensson: piano, organ · Terje Bjørklund: organ · Gunnar Sønstevold: piano · Terje Rypdal: guitar · Arild Andersen: bass · Jon Christensen: drums · Arne Nordheim: willow flute, ring modulator · Kåre Kolberg: synthesizer · Ola B. Johannessen: recitation · Karin Krog: voice

– Popofoni is much more than just an historical document. On the one hand, it places several of Norway’s finest young jazz players of the period—and now its most renowned -in settings that were at or beyond the boundaries of avant-garde jazz. On the other, it offers a fascinating glimpse into what can happen when jazz and contemporary composition meet. Third Stream? Fifth Column, more like. [www.allaboutjazz.com]

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Cultural struggles

The 1960s was a period in time in Norway characterized by a cultural struggle between «high culture» and the «champions of folk culture». During this time several composers, writers and musicians got together to create an art-political manifest in the form of an album which should show how «mass art» could be created, an art form that took into account the needs of the mass culture while still retaining a high level of quality. On this side of the struggle were Arne Nordheim, Gunnar Sønstevold, Jan Garbarek and Terje Rypdal.

«Popofoni» collects six compositions by the musicians and composers Gunnar Sønstevold, Arne Nordheim, Alfred Janson, Kåre Kolberg and Terje Rypdal. In many ways the album is closely releated to the experimentalism so evident in much of the pop music of its era – especially some of the best attempts by The Beatles from this period – a period where the musical genres in many ways fragmented and where new styles and new technologies were born.

«Popofoni» is undoubtedly experimental and most definitely challenges genre conventions. It is a musical-political document, with the music as a weapon, from a time where one presumed this was possible. Perhaps, it is still equally relevant today.

Alfred Janson |Arild Andersen |Arne Nordheim |Bobo Stenson |Gunnar Sønstevold |Jan Garbarek |Jon Christensen |Kåre Kolberg |Ola B. Johannesen |Terje Bjørklund |Terje Rypdal

Release date: 15.10.1998

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