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ARNE NORDHEIM: Canzona per Orchestra · Magma · The Return of The Snark · Ohm · Epitaffio per Orchestra e Nastro Magnetico · Greening · Listen · Clamavi per Violoncello Solo · Tenebrae per Violoncello & Orchestra · Solar Plexus ·more… Colorazione · Partita Für Paul · Wirklicher Wald · Tre Voci · Aftonland · Quasi Fantasia · Tres Lamentationes · Aurora · Nedstigningen · Draumkvedet · Silver Key · Solitaire · Pace · Spur · Eco · The Tempest

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Truls Mørk, cello · Jan Garbarek, saxophone · Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many more

The Ultimate Nordheim Collection

The exclusive release Listen · the Art of Arne Nordheim contains 7 CDs with music from all of Nordheim’s long carere. It sets off with the international breakthrough Epitaffio for orchestra and tape. On CD I there is also Canzona per orchestra from 1961, a virtual concerto for orchestra from 1961, which has never been released on CD before. Then follows the powerful cello trilogy Clamavi, Wirklicher Wald and Tenebrae. Through The Tempest, suite from the sucessful ballet Nordheim made with Glen Tetly, we move in on the centre of this collection; the works Aurora, Tres Lamentationes and Nedstigningen (The Descent). The last piece is a radiophonic composition which has never been released before.

The haunting Draumkvedet (The Dream Ballad) and the crystal clear Silver Key are found on the way towards the sizzeling eruptions of Magma. Nordheim’s ground breaking electronic works are represented by Solitaire and Pace. And then of course what has almost become a trade mark of Nordheim; the way he combines electronic and acoustic sounds, as for instance in Eco, which is CD premièred here.

And just when you think you’ve got Nordheim all ready and wrapped to go, you receive a thrust towards Solar Plexus, get entangled in a trombone who is talking to himself in The Return of The Snark, and there’s Spur; concerto for accordion and orchestra.

It’s all brought to a breathtaking close with Nachruf for Strings (1957) in a live recording from the Oslo Philharmonic Orhcestra concert on Nordheim’s 70th birthday 20 June 2001.

Release date: 02.05.2002

EAN : 7044581350706

Cat.No.: ACD5070

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