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Lene Grenager: Smilodon – Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta

LENE GRENAGER: The Operation · Smilodon · Cellomore… Concerto

Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta · Peter Szilvay, conductor · Rolf Borch, kontrabassklarinett · Tanja Orning, cello · Håkon Stene, percussion

A harmonically unstable motif staggers around in the piano, before the beast attacks.

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Portrait of composer Lene Grenager

From an undefined place deep down in the bass clarinet’s darkness rises a smoke signal that is reinforced in percussion and high-pitched wind, but it takes a liberatingly long time before the smoke gathers into music. Because it is conceived in an almost volcanic register, it means that the porous never becomes cautious or ingratiating. Rather it is as if the music could explode at any time. In Lene Grenager’s music the acoustic is closely related to the performative. Thought is closely connected to the action. Sounds can be abstract, but are nevertheless always coloured by the instruments and the actions that cause them. Outstanding soloists Tanja Orning (cello) Rolf Borch (contra bass clarinet) and Håkon Steene (percussion), together with Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta conducted by Peter Szilvay.


The opening of Smilodon is closer to porous thought than heavy-handed action. From an undefined place deep down in the bass clarinet’s darkness rises a smoke signal that is reinforced in percussion and high-pitched winds. It feels like the music could explode at any time. This release contains three new solo concerts by composer Lene Grenager, written in close collaboration and for great Norwegian soloists.


Both the dark and the sturdy, the lithe and the explosive may perhaps be traced back to Lene Grenager’s own instrument and her career as a performer. As a cellist she is specialized in improvised music and works mainly in the quartets SPUNK and Lemur, and in a duo with singer Sofia Jernberg. The cello is never far away when she is composing, and is interested in notation and how different ways of notation influences the musicians and the sounding result. She collaborates with musicians from different traditions and this results in scores ranging between precise notation and graphic notation.

Cello as a primitive object

In the most recent, The Operation from 2012, Grenager and percussionist Håkon Stene place the cello on the operating table. Together they approach the instrument systematically as a passive, percussive source of sound. The cello is stripped of tradition and convention and is treated as a primitive object, a wooden box with strings, by a musician with long experience, without any expressive or motile memory connected to the instrument. The piece is part of a research project in which Stene critically investigates the potentially unlimited number of instruments available to him as a percussionist as well as relationships they create between body and instrument.

Sounds of friction

The cello concerto from 2006 was written at the same period as the music on the CD Slåtter, slag og slark, where Grenager investigates her own instrument both as soloist and composer. Much of this folk music was played for dancing and its organic character often comes from dance steps and rhythms that are metrically uneven. with Grenager both the distorted rhythms and the folkdance’s energy survive to be translated into a sinfonietta, which also has a soprano on equal footing with the other instruments. The cello part begins in the inflections of folk music, but with a sound that immediately bursts out from notes and melodies, and over into a wide vocabulary of sounds of friction between instrument, bow and body.

Release date: 16.10.2015

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