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Lasse Thoresen: The Sonic Mind – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

LASSE THORESEN: Illuminations – Concerto for Two Cellos & Orchestra · Symphonic Concerto for Violin andmore… Orchestra

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Aage Kvalbein, cello Liv Opdal Eggestad, cello · Stig Nilsson, violin

In Thoresen’s music the meditative aspect and the aspiration towards an experience of timelessness is a very important aspect.

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Participate in the experience

The restless listener seeking ‘action’ in music is compelled to listen in an entirely new way if he wants to participate in this experience. Symphonic Concerto for Violin and Orchestra was the first work in which Thoresen used a larger format to test his ideas. It was premiered by Nilsson and OPO. Illuminations is a piece Thoresen wrote after returning from studies of Arabic maqamat, Iranian gusheha and Indian ragas back to Norwegian folk music, employing the most typical folk music elements within many of the old cultures.

Lasse Thoresen (b 1949) has for some years now been one of the leading composers in Norway. He studied composition and electrophony in the –70s with Dr. Werner Kaegi at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, where he became aware of Pierre Schaeffer’s theoretical work concerning musical timbre and sound-experience. Through further studies of non-European music based on improvisation and oral tradition, Thoresen developed a new view on analysis of musical structures; called sonlogy. Oriental music embraces a different understanding of time, not at least because of a strong related element of meditation. In Thoresen’s music the meditative aspect and the aspiration towards an experience of timelessness is also a very important aspect. In 1971 he converted to the Bahá’i Religion, and he has written a lot of music to Bahá’i-texts.

Aage Kvalbein |Arild Erikstad |Lasse Thoresen |Liv Opdal Eggestad |Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra |Stig Nilsson

Release date: 08.10.1998

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