Knut Nystedt: Das Alte Lied – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

KNUT NYSTEDT: Das Alte Lied · The Land of Suspence · Hymn of Human Rights · The Moment · Jerusalem · Exultate ·more… Ichtys

Norwegian Soloists' Choir · Arnfinn Refsdal, piano · Knut Nystedt, conductor (Track 1, 3, 7), organ (Track 6) · Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Øivin Fjeldstad, conductor · Harald Herresthal, organ · Morten Cranner, percussion · Øystein Berglund, percussion · Barbara Rendalen, percussion · Mona Julsrud, soprano · Ivar Atle Fjordheim, percussion · Leif Ree-Pedersen, celesta · Per Sigmund Rettedal, conductor · Collegium Cantorum · Lars Angerdal, conductor

Inspirational works with important messages presented in Nystedt’s personal style and expression.

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Inspirational works with imporant messages

Das Alte Lied op 83
Das Alte Lied for mixed choir and piano was commissioned in 1978 for the inauguration of the Rogaland Music Conservatory in Stavanger.

The Land of Suspence op. 19
The Land of Suspence, a symphonic fantasy, is dedicated to the people of Finnmark, Norway´s nothernmost county, which suffered so cruelly during the Second World War. Composed in 1947 in Tanglewood, USA, where Nystedt was studying under Aaron Copland.

A Hymn of Human Rights op. 95
The campaign against nuclear arms for peace has been of utmost importance to Nystedt as a composer. ”A hymn of human rights” is composed to a text written by the english pastor and peace advocate, Fred Kaan.

The Moment op. 52
The tender mood and deep sense of wonderment at the mystery of life that characterise Kathleen Raine´s poem ”The Moment” have provided the composer with his inspiration for his work. With its silvery pure, scintillating tone, the instrumentation, ”beaten brass, bronze and steel”, imparts congenial colouring to both words and music.

The motett ”Jerusalem” for Eight-part chorus a capella is a part of greater work, ”Apocalypsis Joannis” a symphony for soli, chorus and orchestra, opus 155, commissioned by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in connection with his 85th birthday.

Exsultate op. 74a
The organ work ”Exsultate” was awarded a prize in connection with the opening of the Oslo Concert Hall. It must be seen as a further development of the technique used in such organ works as his ”Fantasia Trionfale”, ”Resurrexit” and ”Tu es Petrus”. Christian concepts are the source of inspiration for all of these works, and the music is often programmatic.

Ichthys op.76
Nystedt says: ”The title is Greek an means the Fish. The symbol used by the first Christians, the Fish was demanded of all of those who attended their gatherings. In the midst of adversity and persecution, this became the symbol of unity, under which they came together, and where their faith matured and was strengthened.

Arnfinn Refsdal |Barbara Rendalen |Collegium Cantorum |Harald Herresthal |Ivar Atle Fjordheim |Knut Nystedt |Lars Angerdal |Leif Ree-Pedersen |Mona Julsrud |Morten Cranner |Norwegian Soloists’ Choir |Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra |Øivin Fjeldstad |Øystein Berglund |Per Sigmund Rettedal

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