Klaus Egge: Piano Concerto, Symphony No. 1 – Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

KLAUS EGGE: Symphony No. 1 · Piano Concerto No. 2 (Variations & Fugue on a Norwegian Folk Tune - Solfager ogmore… Ormekongen)

Eva Knardahl, piano · Bjarne Fiskum, violin · Tjark Nieuwelling, cello · Trondheim Symphony Orchestra Jiri Starek, conductor · Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra · Karsten Andersen, conductor

Symphoni No.1, Op.17 has justifiably been described as a major contribution to Norwegian symphonic literature and as a central work within Klaus Egge’s output.

Symphony and Concerto by Klaus Egge

Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 21, from 1944 has the subtitle: Variations and Fugue on a Norwegian Folk Tune. Prof. Hampus Huldt-Nystrøm describes the work like this: ”On the one hand the concerto consists of a series of variations on a folk tune, seven altogether. However, on the other hand, these variations are arranged so that the first three form a group which may be said to have the same function as the exposition in a sonata form. The fourth represents a kind of development section, while the fifth and most of the sixth variation make up what corresponds to a slow movement. The dance-like seventh variation goes over in a cadenza for the solo instrument, which is followed by a finale with the subtle Concertante contra Fuga. The contrapuntal technique in the fugue and the concertante use of the piano both point towards Baroque ideals, giving the work a fascinating neoclassical character.”

Symphony No. 1, Op. 17, has justifiably been described as a major contribution to Norwegian symphonic literature and as a central work within Klaus Egge´s output. The symphony was composed in 1941-42 and publicly performed for the first time in 1945. In memory of the composer´s childhood friend, Harald Neergaard, it is dedicated to the many Norwegians who served at sea during the Second World War. This provides the background for the character of expression in the work. In this symphony Egge makes use mainly of extended melodic lines combined with rhytmic developments, and it is the effective polyhonic writing which gives the symphony its character. True, the composer uses the sonata form, but with thematic relationships which do not follow the traditional cadenza system but are derived exclusively from the contrasts inherent in the thematic material.

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra |Bjarne Fiskum |Eva Knardahl |Jiri Starek |Karsten Andersen |Klaus Egge |Tjark Nieuwelling |Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

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