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Ketil Hvoslef: Orchestral Works – London Philharmonic Orchestra

KETIL HVOSLEF: Concertino per orchestra · Rondo con variazioni · Octet for flutes · Concerto formore… contrabasso

Gary Karr, double bass · London Philharmonic Orchestra · Karsten Andersen, conductor · Jan Henrik Kayser, piano · Ørnulf Gulbransen, flute · Andrew Cunningham, flute · Sissel Dørum, flute · Lotte Havnevik, flute · Karin Heistø, flute · Hanne Seim, flute · Finn Henry Olsen, flute · Anne Toril Ekholm Kirk, flute · Per Dreier, conductor · Royal Philharmonic Orchestra · Ørnulf Gulbransen, flute

An album with Hvoslef’s works that represents his intensly personal musical language, characterized by great rythmical ingenuity, free-tonality, and different forms of variation-technique.

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Orchestral works by Ketil Hvoslef

Concerto for Contrabasso
Hvoslef opens the single-movement concerto with an extended, quiet melodic line, made up in its entirety of harmonics, for solo bass. Little by little other instruments take up the melodic line in steadily decreasing note values, until the contrabass literally plunges to the depths of its register, giving the melodic line its true shape and expression. As this principal theme emerges in a more or less disguised form a number of times, the structure of the concerto takes on a character of variations on a theme. The alternation between arco and pizzicatio has an important function in the concerto.

Rondo con variazioni
It consists of five variations and a finale, and it is based on a theme made up of five parts.
The first variation is built on the last part of the theme, the second on the next to the last, and so on. Between each variation the theme is brought in anew, growing briefer each time as the parts are gradually ”used up”. In the finale, fragments of each variation are presented, while the theme flows on in long note values in the bass. The composition concludes with the theme in reverse. The tone language is free-tonal.

Octet for Flutes
The work´s most important melodic movement is the motif that appears in unison in all eight flutes, a little after the middle section. The most sonorous work Hvoslef has written, the octet can scarcely be described in terms of polyphony or homophony; it is both pure melodic and pure timbral music.

Concertino for Orchestra
The composer writes: ”My intention was to create music which, with transparent clarity and precise thematic material, manages to evoke feelings analogous to thos we experience upon hearing, for instance, a Haydn symphony. I have attempted to write music that is inspiring through and through.”

Andrew Cunningham |Anne Toril Ekholm Kirk |Finn Henry Olsen |Gary Karr |Hanne Seim |Jan Henrik Kayser |Karin Heistø |Karsten Andersen |Ketil Hvoslef |London Philharmonic Orchestra |Lotte Havnevik |Ørnulf Gulbransen |Per Dreier |Royal Philharmonic Orchestra |Sissel Dørum

Release date: 08.01.1992

EAN : 7044581349410

Cat.No.: NCDB4949

Priskategori : CD