Kåre Kolberg


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Kolberg is an experimental composer who does not use harsh effects, but rather focuses on intensely expressive music with less dissonant sounds.

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Kåre Kolberg

Plym-Plym for mixed choir, vocal quartet and narrator (1966) is built on two of Stein Mehren´s poems from the Gobelin Europa collection (Oslo 1965). The vocal material is structured as song, spoken texts and phonetic sounds without verbal meaning.

The Woman of Canaan (Hakena´anit) for organ and two percussionists was composed as an ecclesiastical ballet founded on the story of the woman who implored Jesus to heal her ailing child (Matthew 15, 21-28). The tone language is right up to date and Kolberg makes use of different kinds of flutes and whistling to modulate the sound of the organ.

The Emperor´s New Tie was composed in 1973 with the aid of a PDP 15/40 computer at the Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm. It is programmed in the EMS-1 computer language developed in the same studio.

t´aime for piano contains a certain amount of aggression and violence, but this always gives way to something that is intended to be both fine and beautiful, and that`s the way things should be between lovers, hence the title, which is also a pun, one likely to be most appreciated, perhaps, by people whose French is not as good as it might be.

A Wind Quintet
”From the very beginning the five musicians try in different ways to make themselves interesting with their playing, but after a while it all begins to be rather pathetic, they break off abruptly (fortunately) and instead set about playing a series of overtones which they share between them (quite logically) so that the deepest instruments play the lowest notes, the instruments in the middle register take the notes in the middle, while the light instruments are given the top notes, and this is probably the best way of doing it, but after a while they stop that too, and that`s the end of another wind quintet.”

Pasticcio per flauti dolci
Pasticcio means a mixture. Here the title alludes to a blend of references to many different musical periods. A continuously repeated Baroque-like allegro cliché is set up against a more expressive adagio motif, which is not so typical of Baroque recorder music.

Still There Is Hope for chamber ensemble (1978) was commissioned by and composed for the New Music ensemble ad is dedicated to the dancer Ragni Kolle Kierulf.

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