John Persen: Recycled encores/Arvesøl – BIT20 Ensemble


BIT20 Ensemble · Cikada Ensemble · Christian Eggen, conductor · Oslo Sinfonietta

One of the founders of the modern Norwegian musical life.

Redundancy is the actual value

John Persen was one of the founders of the modern Norwegian musical life. His works for orchestra and ensembles are widely known, and on this album Oslo Sinfonietta, Cikada String Quartet and Cikada Ensemble, and BIT 20 Ensemble performs four of the composer´s works, described in the liner notes as follows:

“Heirloom Waste is based on thirds and fifths; Ja vi elsker! (National Anthem: “Yes, we love”) – typically Norwegian. Recycled Encores is the by-product of a labour of love. xEx is a revised version of Ex, which is a revised version and re-instrumentation of The John Persen´s Guide to the Orchestra – which is the product of a mathematical formula. As with much else besides, Bugs is an expression of pointless work. Redundancy is the actual value.”

Release date: 14.05.1998

EAN : 7044588329248

Cat.No.: HCD2924

Priskategori : CD