Johan Kvandal: Antagonia – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

JOHAN KVANDAL: Concerto for violin and orchestra · Antagonia (Concerto for two string orchestras & percussion) · Concerto for oboe andmore… strings

Frantisek Veselka, violin · Trondheim Symphony Orchestra · Jiri Starek, conductor · Ragin Wenk-Wolff, violin · Tove Bekken, violin · Knut Guettler, double bass · The Youth Symphony Orchestra · Karsten Andersen, conductor · Erik Niord Larsen, oboe · Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Mariss Jansons, conductor

‘Antagonia’ is a briliant peak in modern Norwegian writing for orchestra.

Johan Kvandals concertos reflecting the inspiration of Norwegian folk music.

As regards Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, the composer comments as follows:
”In my violin concerto I was attempting to fuse elements from Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle technique and Norwegian fiddler tradition into an ordinary violin technique, at the same time bringing material with folkloric elements into a larger concerto form. This does not mean that the work as a whole is dominated by folk music elements. There are no direct folk music themes in the work.”

Antagonia, Op. 38
For two string orchestras and percussion. The theme is designed for two string orchestras, each with its percussion section, playing against another (antagonia is Greek for ”contention”). The kettledrums serve as a link between the two.

Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra, Op. 46
Kvandal describes the oboe concerto as follows: ”The oboe opens the first movement with a short motif, which is to function as an important unifying factor in the otherwise rather rich material. The principles of the sonata form prevail in this movement, which fades out quietly. The three-part second movement begins with a short orchestral section, in which the pizzicato in the cello and the double bass set the tone. Beyond this, the movement is dominated by the oboe´s melody lines and by a cadenza for that instrument, before the recapitulation sets in. The third movement is in a free rondo-form with a scherzo-like principal theme. Here rhythmic elements, with a strain of 5/8 time, play an important role. The concerto as a whole provides a good opportunity for demonstrating the qualities of the oboe, from the deepest to the highest register.”

Erik Niord Larsen |Frantisek Veselka |Jiri Starek |Johan Kvandal |Karsten Andersen |Knut Guettler |Mariss Jansons |Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra |Ragin Wenk-Wolff |The Youth Symphony Orchestra |Tove Bekken |Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Release date: 07.03.1988

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