Halvard Johnsen: Pastorale – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Halvard Johnsen· Symphony no. 13, Op. 90 · String Quartet no. 4, Op.106 · Wind Quintet no. 3, Opmore…. 98

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Sverre Bruland, conductor · Cikada String Quartet

With a powerful symphonic expression and Norwegian tonal characteristics, the unique composer Hallvard Johnsen reflects the contrasts of Norwegian nature in his music.

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Norwegian folk tones set into a free-tonal framework

After several compositions written in the neo-national romantic style, clearly influenced by Norwegian folk music, Hallvard Johnsen would explore and develop his own distinctive, free-tonal style. Born in Hamburg in 1916, but later relocating to Norway, Johnsen studied flute, conducting and composition at the Oslo Conservatory of Music. In general it may be said that Johnsen´s compositions bear the mark of his own unique style, in which Norwegian tonal characteristics are coupled with a powerful symphonic expression. Attracted by the modern idiom, expressed within a free-tonal framework, Johnsen´s music reflects the contrasts of Norwegian nature, with elements taken from the massive, dramatic contours of the mountains as well as more romantic, playful scenes.

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra performs Johnsen´s Symphony no. 13, op. 90, an architectonic proportionate and original work firmly rooted in the Norwegian national idiom. The Cikada String Quartet performs the composer´s String Quartet no. 4, op. 106, a deeply introspective work characterized by a painful undertone that is woven into a more colourful mood in the form of meditation and reflection. The Norwegian Wind Quintet close the album with the folk-inspired and metamorphosis-constructed Wind Quintet no. 3, op. 98.

Release date: 17.04.1997

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Cat.No.: ACD4995

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