Eivind Groven: Hjalarljod, Draumkvædet – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

EIVIND GROVEN: Draumkvædet · Hjalarljodmore… (Overture)

Toril Carlsen, soprano · Kåre Bjørkøy, tenor · Asbjørn Hansli, baritone · The Brighton Festival Chorus · Royal Philharmonic Orchestra · Per Dreier, conductor

Folk music and great beauty in Eivind Groven’s Hjalarljod and Draumkvædet.

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Eivind Groven

The festival ouverture Hjalarljod was composed on the occasion of the opening of the new town hall in Oslo in 1950, the same year the city celebrated its 900th anniversary. The title means roughly ”the sound of hjaling (Yelling, echoing)”, that is, the cross between singing and shouting which has been associated with shepherds from time immemorial. Hjalarljod is one of the most frequently played of the more recent Norwegian orchestral works.

Draumkvædet for soloists, choir and orchestra was completed in October 1963. Since its world premiére in Bergen in 1965, it has also been performed as a ballet, a medium for which it is well suited. The text is a Norwegian folk song or ballad, the form and style of which are reminiscent of the ballads danced to in Faroe Islands, where the unbroken tradition of dancing to folk songs is still very much alive today.

Meanwhile, there are no variations of the ballad Draumkvædet to be found outside of Norway. Even in Norway, the ballad is only to be found in a limited area in Telemark. In Draumkvædet Groven has based the form on a principle of contrast. Lighter and more dramatic passages alternate regularly with each other. And he is not afraid to avail himself of persisent rhythms and dissonances when justified by the text, only to find relief again in pure, transparent passages of great beauty.

Asbjørn Hansli |Eivind Groven |Kåre Bjørkøy |Per Dreier |Royal Philharmonic Orchestra |The Brighton Festival Chorus |Toril Carlsen

Release date: 14.01.1992

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