Egil Hovland: Fanfare and Choral, Lamenti per orchestra, Magnificat, Four Interludes, Wind Quintet – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

EGIL HOVLAND: Lamenti per orchestra · Four Interludes (To Missa Vigilate) · Fanfare and Choral · Magnificat · Windmore… Quintet

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra · Øivin Fjeldstad, conductor · Anne Gjevang, alto · Torkil Bye, flute · Willy Postma, harp · Egil Hovland, organ · Ørnulf Gulbransen, flute · Erik Niord Larsen, oboe · Erik Andersen, clarinet · Torleiv Nedberg, bassoon · Odd Ulleberg, French horn

A selection of works from Norway’s most prolific composer!

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Egil Hovland: Orchestral works and chamber music

Lamenti per orchestra, Op. 43
Lamenti per orchestra, Op. 43 was composed in 1963 and won First Prize that year in a competition arranged by Ny Musikk (the Norwegian branch of the ISCM) for its 25th Anniversary. The work is written for large orchestra and has three movements. It is built on a twelve-tone row where the intervals are the same forwards and backwards (A – A Flat – B Flat – B-G-F Sharp – C D Flat – F – E – D – E Flat).

Four Interludes to Missa Vigilate, Op. 67 (1969) were composed as Communion music to the so-called ”Virgin Mass” composed by Hovland in 1969. The Interludes are a condensed resumé of the whole Mass, as the movements relate them thematically and expressively to the individual parts of the service.

Wind Quintet, Op. 50
Hovland has stated that the Quintet takes a central place among his works from the 1960´s, next to works such as Lamenti. Expression through strict twelve-tone technique, complexity and aleatories were hallmarks of his style of his period. The Wind Quintet consists of seven short movements of great variety in character, sound and compositional technique. Articulation and dynamics play an important part in the work, and in some movements choice of tempo, rhythm and dynamics is left to the performers. The work achieves a sense of unity in spite of its multi-movement design.

Fanfare and Choral, Op. 54b (1966) is a work in the grand syle. The main elements of the piece are an introductory fanfare motif and a choral. They are separated by a series of interludes, among them a passage for solo percussion. At the end the fanfare, the choral and the interludes are woven together to create an orchestral firework. The work is variously tonal and free-tonal, and the choral runs through all twelve tones of the chromatic scale.

Anne Gjevang |Egil Hovland |Erik Niord Larsen |Odd Ulleberg |Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra |Øivin Fjeldstad |Ørnulf Gulbransen |Torkil Bye |Torleiv Nedberg |Willy Postma

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