Edvard Hagerup Bull: Répliques – BIT20 Ensemble


BIT20 Ensemble · Ingar Bergby, conductor

Edvard Hagerup Bull maler med tykke musikalske farger i sin konkrete og virkelighetsnære musikk. Edvard Hagerup Bull paints with thick musical paintbrushes in his concrete and close-to-reality music.

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Concrete and close to reality in Edvard Hagerup Bull´s music

There is a familiar musical world that Edvard Hagerup Bull opens up to us. Distinct and sharply profiled instruments – wind, strings, piano – each empathetic, are close at hand and true to character. The composer´s intense perusal of contemporary music goes hand in hand with his strong attachment to tradition, both the musical tradition as well as the tradition created in the formative years of childhood. Hagerup Bull´s music is concrete and close to reality, and he applies musical paint in thick layers: never is a pizzicato so ineffably pizzicato as when a violin or cello string smacks against the fingerboard. In a turbulent period for modern art in the 1950s, Hagerup Bull harboured an extreme scepticism. He “maintained an interest in events,” as he put it, but discovered early that he could do perfectly well without an instrument as mild and sonorously intoxicating as the fashionable vibraphone.

BIT20 Ensemble and conductor Ingar Bergby performs Hagerup Bull´s almost folk-tale-like Norwegian “Ad Usum Amicorum”, the mirthful and dancelike “Épigrammes”, and the melancholic “Posthumes”. Since its foundation in 1989, the BIT20 Ensemble has established itself as a highly professional ensemble with excellent soloistic qualities. The ensemble has established itself as one of Norway´s most esteemed ensembles, and the high popular and critical regard they have earned has led to an intense concert activity in both Norway and abroad.

Arild Erikstad |BIT20 Ensemble |Edvard Hagerup Bull |Ingar Bergby

Release date: 21.08.1997

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