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Alfred Janson: Interlude – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


Christian Eggen, conductor · Royal Philharmonic Orchestra · Norwegian String Quartet · Tore Brunborg, flute, tenor saxophone · Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet · Torbjørn Sunde, trumpet · Frode Alnæs, electric guitar · Arild Andersen, bass · Jon Christensen, drums · Simon Emes, oboe · Bjørn Solum, cello · Rune Klakegg, keyboards · Bjørn Rabben, percussion · Grex Vocalis · Alfred Janson, conductor · Elin Rosseland, soprano

On the barricades of avant-gardism with Alfred Janson’s groundbreaking music.

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A break with a previous generation of composers

“Modernism is, after a short but intense lifetime, dead. It leaves behind some good music which will survive, as well as a great deal of material which contemporary composers can make use of. The choice is open and the point is now to choose that which fits one’s own needs without resorting to any one particular trend.” Alfred Janson wrote this following his encounter with Central European modernism in 1967. It was a time of great contrasts in Norwegian music, but also a time of great belief in the future. A break had been made with the previous generation. Folklorism and neo-classicism were replaced as leading music trends by an internationally oriented avant-gardism. The choice between the old and established and the new, exciting and challenging was a difficult one for a young composer in the process of meeting his audience.

On this album one can hear four of Janson’s pieces – Interlude, String Quartet, Wings and Cradle Song – works that includes central elements of the music of its time – cluster technique, geometrical construction, layered composition – and brings in elements from jazz. Music that spans from the emotional explosiveness to the quiet, intense and the introspective.

Alfred Janson |Arild Andersen |Arild Erikstad |Arne Peter Rognan |Bjørn Solum |Christian Eggen |Elin Rosseland |Frode Alnæs |Grex Vocalis |Jon Christensen |Norwegian String Quartet |Palle Mikkelborg |Royal Philharmonic Orchestra |Rune Klakegg |Torbjørn Sunde |Tore Brunborg

Release date: 05.03.1992

EAN : 7026261491824

Cat.No.: NCD4918

Priskategori : CD